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We exist for one purpose. To empower the people to hold Accountable, those who are elected or who claim to represent the voice of the people. Below you will see what we stand for.

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About Accountable UK
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Unaccountable parties are battling to claim the moral high-ground. They seek to change the way in which people are governed. They lecture us about what we should and should not believe in. About what will make us happy and what we are allowed to think and say. Who gave them the right to speak for the people?

Accountable started with a statistic. According to the Office for National Statistics, in January to February 2020, 96% of households in Great Britain had internet access. According to the Financial Times in August 2018, 7 out of 10 people bank online. Why then, can people not access a secure online platform that allows them to vote for the things that their elected representatives vote for? Wouldn’t it be natural for MPs to want to know what the majority of their constituents think about any particular issue, before they voted on a Bill in Parliament? You would think so, wouldn’t you? Or perhaps, they prefer to make decisions on behalf of their constituents, without that level of Accountability.

You will often hear (in TV or Radio interviews) that MPs claim to know what their constituents want, because they canvass by knocking on doors and talking to people. According to 2019 data, the smallest constituency in the UK has an electorate of 21,000 people whilst the largest has 113,000. How many doors have these MPs been knocking on? Are the conclusions they reach representative of the majority of their constituents? Are they cherry-picking feedback that suits their agenda? Are they randomly selecting the doors they knock on? And what about other parties that are making claims about what is best for the UK public? Opinion polls, activists, lobby groups, mainstream media, social media, online commentators…how well informed are they about what the majority of the people really want? Or are they simply interpreting selective, non-representative data to suit their agenda. Because if they are, that is spin; that is PROPAGANDA.

A law of propaganda (often attributed to Joseph Goebbels) is this:
“Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.” Did you know that in 2020, for all political events polled, the average poll size was 1,870 people (0.004% of the UK electorate). The largest poll was 22,186 people (0.05% of the UK electorate).

Claiming that the majority of people agree with an opinion or an ideology based on a survey consisting of less than the majority of the people it claims to represent is nothing more than propaganda – it is nothing more than a lie. And these claims are repeated ad nauseum by mainstream and social media today. Are you going to believe them?

If you were given the opportunity to say what you think and you were confident that the majority (often the silent majority) were also speaking out in a secure, unbiased platform, would you speak up?

Accountable UK is that platform. Our goal is to provide a platform that everyone in the UK can access, can trust and can use to hear what the majority of the people in this country really want. And we want to show you how that compares to what your elected MP (or parties who claim to speak for you) claim that you want. That is true Accountability. Those who make spurious claims that amount to nothing more than propaganda will be exposed by this platform. Only then, can people make informed decisions about who to listen to, who to believe and most importantly, who to vote for. Join the movement so we can gather together in a collective voice and hold them Accountable in YOUR GREAT BRITAIN. Share this movement with your friends and families – get people involved. We want the majority of the British public to join us. The more of us there are, the louder our voices will be and we cannot be ignored. We have made this platform affordable to all – only with your participation can we keep this platform alive and keep it affordable for everyone. Contribute to the movement if you can. It’s time to make a real change to the established way of the world.