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We exist for one purpose. To empower the people to hold Accountable, those who are elected or who claim to represent the voice of the people. Below you will see what we stand for.

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About Accountable UK
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The world is full of groups who tell you what is best for the people. Governments, mainstream media, lobby groups, opinion polls, social media, activists, quangos and online commentators. They decide what to show you and (more importantly), what not to show you. And they make claims that their opinions are true, because they have spoken to lots of people who agree with them. But how many people have they really spoken to? And do they represent the majority of the people in the UK?

A January 2020 YouGov poll asked the question "Which one...comes the closest to how you currently feel about the result of the EU referendum".

  • 4 of the 6 selections were related to not being happy with the result, whilst 1 selection was about coming to terms with the result and 1 selection for Don't Know. There were no selections for anyone who felt happy with the result.
  • Only 2050 adults were surveyed - that is approximately 0.005% of the UK electorate. Yet, because 36% of the respondents gave negative feelings about the referendum result, many mainstream media reports concluded that "more than a third of the British public were unhappy with the result of the EU referendum".
  • Did the majority of the British public really feel this way? 36% of 0.005% of an electorate of around 40m people is 720 people.
  • The smallest constituency in the UK is Na h-Eileanan an lar in the Western Isles in Scotland, numbering 26,830 people. This survey only represents 2.6% of that constituency, never mind the whole of the UK.

Our country cannot rely on the claims of these groups, who use surveys that do not represent the majority of the people's opinions. We cannot rely on what they choose to cover in the news or in their polls or protests. We cannot rely on them to give us the full story. We must mobilise and hear the majority of the people of our country - not those who claim to know what the majority want through non-representative surveys or subjective and anecdotal conversations.

Accountable UK will work to give the people an affordable platform to use their collective voices.

Accountable UK will make our politicians ACCOUNTABLE TO THEIR ELECTORATE, by comparing what they vote for in Parliament with the votes of their constituents - for the things they are voting for on your behalf. If your MP does not represent you, you can do something about it.

Accountable UK will work hard to get as many people from your constituency to use this platform. We will do this by making it affordable for everyone.