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We exist for one purpose. To empower the people to hold Accountable, those who are elected or who claim to represent the voice of the people. Below you will see what we stand for.

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About Accountable UK
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Whilst voting on Accountable UK is not real voting, as you might vote in polling booths during regional or national elections, we take the security of your votes on Accountable UK just as seriously as we would if you were voting in a real election. We also take your data privacy and security very seriously.

We do this, because we strive for voter integrity just as much as your Government and Local Authorities do. We may even improve our platform in time in such a way, that our users have more faith in our voter integrity. We believe votes that take place on our platform are very important to how the people of this country are represented and we believe through this platform, the people of the UK will take back control from a permanent political class who do not always represent what the people want. Because of this, our goals are to ensure that voter integrity is paramount and should be of a standard that can rival the voter integrity of our real electoral system.

We will constantly strive to ensure that our platform is a One Voter, One Vote platform.

We put processes in place to ensure we can commit to this. We employ technology partners who will ensure the data we collect and use is secure, backed up and encrypted to the highest standards. It is only used to provide services to our users. We do not sell or share your data to any third party. Your votes are only accessible to you. Other users are not able to see how you voted. The only data shared on our VoteHub are total or average numbers of votes for voting topics for the UK as a whole or by region, county and constituency. Those numbers do not reveal which Member voted for what. We will only share the personal data of our users if there is a statutory or legal obligation for us to do so and in this case, we will always inform our users that we are required to provide that data.

The following safeguards are put in place to ensure that we stay committed to the our Privacy mandate:

  • User data is encrypted via Open SLL using AES-256 and AES-128 encryption values and are signed using message authentication code so that their underlying value cannot be modified or tampered with once encrypted.
  • We encrypt your name, address and phone number.
  • All environments are private and not shared, which means there is a higher security protection. These environments are not public facing, so cannot be accessed via the public internet.
  • We have firewalls in place to limit port access to only the required ports.
  • All data held by us is stored in an ISO certified data centre, which provides security guards and access controls.
  • All of our data centres are located in the United Kingdom.