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About Accountable UK

What is Accountable UK?

Accountable UK is a website based service that allows members to vote on the same Bills that our MP’s vote on in Parliament. The service allows you to have your say on the issues and debates that are important to the UK. See our About Us page for more details

Is Accountable UK run by the government?

No. It is an independent project run by a private company. We feel it is important for the people of the UK to be allowed to have a say and therefore have an influence in shaping the results of Bills being debated by our MP’s. We hope you will find Accountable UK to be a valuable platform to make sure your voices are heard, for your fellow citizens and those you elect to represent your voice in this Parliamentary Democracy.

Do all MP’s know about Accountable UK?

We hope that all MPs will become aware of Accountable UK and take a look at the information on this platform. After all, this platform is here to ensure they act according to the will of the majority of voters in their electorate. We encourage everybody to make their MP aware of this platform and hope that you will ask them to watch the voting topics and data on this platform so that they can ensure they are acting in the interests of the people who voted for them.

Where do you get your Bills and MP information from?

The data related to Bills that are debated in Parliament and MPs votes are collected from publicly available sources like (www.parliament.uk). Accountable UK also create our own voting topics, based on current affairs and topical issues that are important to you, but may not be debated in Parliament. We make these topics available for our members to vote on.

Where do you get the MP voting data from?

This is collected from publicly available data sources like (www.parliament.uk) and is based on Stage 3 Reading in the House of Commons (also referred to as Common Divisions). At stage 3 reading, MPs have the final chance to debate a Bill and then vote on it. No further amendments can be made to the Bill by the Commons.

After Stage 3 reading, the Bill will either be debated in the House of Lords or if it started at the House of Lords it will move to the House of Commons for debate until all amendments (if any) have been agreed by both Houses and then it will move to Royal Assent and become law. Due to the length of time certain Bills reach Royal Assent, the MP votes will be taken at Stage 3 in the House of Commons for ease of process. We want to compare how members and MPs vote on the same Bill and see if MPs are truly representing their constituents – that is, we want to make MPs accountable to the people who voted for them. Therefore, the final voting stage (3rd reading) is the important point of comparison.

Will my votes be shared?

No, absolutely not. All votes are held on our secure database and our system will count the votes for each topic and make them visible by numbers only. You will only be able to view your own voting pattern via your members page. Please ensure you do not share your username and password with anyone.

Can I see how my friends, family and neighbours have voted on certain topics?

No, you cannot, for the reasons given above but you will be able to see votes that represent the UK and constituencies (total number of votes cast).

I am not on the open electoral register (open electoral roll).
Can I still be a member?

Unfortunately, not. You can click on the following link to check and/or inform your local council to place you on the open register list: www.gov.uk/electoral-register

It is important that we check the electoral roll to ensure when our members vote, they are only able to cast one vote per voter, in the same way the election system works. Since we are only able to check against the open electoral register, this is the register against which we check. Our mantra is ONE VOTER, ONE VOTE.

If we do not check the open electoral register, then the service may become open to manipulation by interested parties. A person (or group), could quite easily create several registrations and manipulate the results of members voting totals. This is something we must avoid so that our voting system is accurate and true to the citizens of our country.

I have completed subscription. What happens now?

You will automatically receive an acknowledgement by email. Your details will then be checked against the Open Electoral Register and once confirmed, you will receive an email confirmation asking you to make payment for the annual subscription fee. If, after our checks, we find you are NOT on the open register, you will receive a confirmation by email asking you to contact your local council to place yourself on the open register and you can then re-subscribe. Once you are a member, you will have access to voting topics to vote on, based on the categories you have chosen at subscription stage.

You will have a certain time period to vote on the topic and this will be captured by our site. Please ensure you get your vote completed before the expiry date of that topic vote.

I have forgotten my password, how do I reset it?

If you have forgotten your password, please click Login in the top right hand corner of any page. You will see a link called “Forgot your password” under the space where you should enter your password. Follow the instructions after you have clicked this link and you will be directed to change your password. If you are still having difficulties, please contact us using the Contact page and we will help you recover your password.

I have got ideas that I think the UK public should vote for.
How do I let you know?

We welcome new ideas and topics and we will consider all suggestions. After all, Accountable UK is here to represent your voice. Please send us your ideas using our Contact page and we will consider all suggestions. Suggestions can be used for voting topics if we can see that a significant number of people are asking for the same or similar voting topics.

Can I share your voting results with others?

Whilst non-member visitors are not able to vote on the voting topics, they are able to see voting topic results. We encourage all visitors to become members and vote – the more voters we have, the more significant the results and the louder our collective voices. We have made Accountable UK affordable to everyone with our very low annual membership fee, so come and join us today.

Do I get a receipt for my subscription payment?

Our payment processor does not automatically provide a receipt for subscription payments. You can request a receipt by contacting us via our contact form. Alternatively, you can view this in the billing section of your profile page.